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Jack Brendan Jordan

Career summary
I am a post-doctoral researcher currently working at the Cancer Research Centre of Marseille in the Heme Ubiquitin Lung Cancer (HULC) group lead by Dr. Luca Lignitto. I was awarded an MSc from the University of Galway in Ireland in September 2016. There, I studied the effects of growing mesenchymal stem cells in standard cell culture oxygen conditions on stem cell tri-lineage differentiation compared to physiological oxygen conditions. I also hold a PhD from the University of Exeter (UK) which was awarded in October 2022. There I worked in the area of redox biology and oxidative stress. My research at the University of Exeter focused on the effects of growing non-melanoma squamous cell carcinoma cells (A431) in standard cell culture oxygen conditions on cellular redox homeostasis compared to physiological oxygen conditions. 

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