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Daniele Salaun
Lab Manager

Career summary
I started my professional career as a research technician at the Institut Pasteur in Bangui, Central African Republic, in collaboration with the retrovirology department at the Institut Pasteur in Paris in France. Here, I helped establish a new HIV characterization laboratory. In 1988, I joined the INSERM unit U322 in Marseille (France) where I continued my work on the HIV virus, focusing on the mechanisms of HIV replication in macrophages and studying the viral genes involved in HIV virulence. After the completion of this experience, I joined a developmental biology laboratory at INSERM unit U623 in Marseille where I investigated novel determinants and markers of motor neuron subpopulations and their links with human pathologies. During this time, I developed new experimental approaches and in particular transgenesis in mice. The acquisition of these new skills enabled me to pass a competitive examination for assistant engineer. Following the restructuring of the Institute of Developmental Biology in Marseille, I joined in 2006 the team of Dr. Ali Badache at the Marseille Cancer Research Centre (CRCM) which studies molecular mechanisms of tumor cell migration. In Dr. Badache’s team, I focused on characterizing new complexes regulating microtubule dynamics. This new research experience allowed me to obtain a research engineer position. Currently, I joined as lab manager the laboratory of Dr. Luca Lignitto, which focuses on dissecting the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of lung cancer.


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