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Uncovering the mechanisms behind tumor evolution

In the heart of Marseille..
the Calanques national park

...our laboratory seeks to achieve a deep understanding of how the heme-oxidative stress pathway regulates protein degradation, via the ubiquitin-proteasome system, and gene expression, via modulation of transcriptional sensors. We exploit our mechanistic studies to uncover how genetic and environmental alterations of this pathway rewire cancer cells signaling and impact on lung tumor evolution. Our long-term goal is to identify new strategies and tools to develop precision therapeutics for lung cancer patients. In this effort, our laboratory bridges knowledge of basic and translational science...

We strongly support diversity and inclusion; we welcome scientists from all over the world, and we are particularly keen to host young, passionate investigators eager to perform ground-breaking research, explore new scientific fields and master new technology


العلم فوضى كيما الكوزينة، خلط و جلط حتى تتنظم...Algerian

I think that science is very much like cooking.. "mix and blend until you make it!"... English

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Tá taighde eolaíoch cosúil le fanacht ar bhus i bhfásach, agus ansin teacht ar bhád... Gaelic
Research is like waiting for a bus in a desert, and then a boat arrives... English


研究就好像一盒柏蒂全味豆,你永遠不知道會拿到什麼... Mandarin
Research is like a box of Bertie Bott, you never know what you're going to get... English


جو واحد اچھا کینسر سیل ہے .. یہ ایک مردہ کینسر سیل ہے... Urdu

یوازې یو سرطان سیل ښه ده. چې مړ دی... Pachtoune

The only good cancer cell.. it is a dead cancer cell... English


Le médecin m’a dit que j’avais une assez mauvaise dépendance à la science.. Je dois me détendre... French

The doctor told me I have a pretty bad addiction to science.. I should take it easy... English


La scienza è come la pizza.. c’è un gusto per tutti.. solo non metteteci sopra l’ananas... Italian

A’ scienz’ è comm’ á pizz’.. ce stá nu gust pé tutt’ quant’.. sul nun ce mettit’ l’ananas ńgopp’... Neapolitan

Science is like a pizza.. there is a flavor for everybody.. just don’t put pineapple on it... ​English

Our laboratory is located in the Cancer Research Center of Marseille (CRCM). The mission of our institute is to push forward the development of new anti-cancer therapies by working at the forefront of different disciplines interfacing basic, translational, and clinical research. CRCM offers a broad, state-of-the-art technological portfolio, as well as an excellent environment to foster dynamic interactions among students, outstanding junior faculty and distinguished senior members. CRCM is located in the south-east of Marseille, a vibrant, up-and-coming city in the south region of France. Marseille, the second largest city in France and one of the main ports in Europe, offers a thriving, international environment gathering people from many different countries

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